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the life moments created by the Flamingo DFC win

Imagine  that was a league game. Flamingo DFC found a path to victory. They were better after half-time. They had the strength of character to come from behind. It’s a sign of a title-winning team that looked to have lost its glory coming back. A lot of the squad players had a run-out

But this was not a friendly game. It was regional league football that is tasked with giving the regionals best to the national local championship, so everything is heightened, hysterical and overblown, albeit not perhaps as much as it would have been in the international football.

Flamingo’s DFC, striker   Titus Chepkalum Kipkales stood out for by securing the two goals. He started the game in a high frequency by scoring at the 3’ of the game. The goal got both sides on toes. With the Texas DFC hoping to correct and turn the cards. This was not long so, the striker(Titus) again stretching the keeper with his powerful shot, and skillful placing of the ball at the 30′ giving flamingo DFC a win. That crowned them the  Great Rift Valley Regional cup winner. Where Moses Nteere handed the team its victory trophy.

This is a very good  for the Flamingo DFC side. They’ve just progressed though tasted a defeat through qualifying, sending Texas DFC towards their ill-fated attempt at progressing through the playoffs. With both teams representing in the region having the same number of points, the Sunday’s win put Flamingo DFC at the top they are, for what it’s worth, ranked 1st  in the region, with Texas DFC second and last. Texas  DFC are, by pretty much any measure, the best side Flamingo DFC’s  have faced since the Deaflympics selection playoffs.

But a win against Texas DFC  in the present context, is a decent result. Viewing this with an eye on the National local Cup, Flamingo DFC are likely to be the level of the next best team in the group.


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