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weekends game highlights

Thunder DFC continues to fight for the top position in the Nyanza regional  cup as they beat Banana-land DFC 5-0. It’s a win that was meant to speak for the Thunder DFC initial game with Biston DFC

This win keeps Thunder’s at a balanced position in the league’s charts. It was not a strong team for the giants but never the less the Banana-land DFC did not give up without a fight.  Banana land looked to secure the game at neutral, playing a very amazing defensive game. But it did not take the long during the game before this shield was broken and goals began flowing in.

Nyanza regional cup being eyed by many of great teams it is a tight fight for who will carry on to the nationals. With more matches for the funs yet to come, it keeps getting harder to speculate for a winner. This comes majorly as the region’s best as still to face each other.

Black stars DFC and Sportiff DFC played also during the weekend under the Metropolitan Regional league. As is expected from a clash between two football giants, the opening being a thrilling one. Black Star DFC scoring 2 against Sportiff DFC.

The win cementing the Black Stars lead in the metropolitan regional league. Being the leading team in a competitive huge league black stars take all the opportunities to grab their points, striving in all ways to position themselves in the national local championship. The games stats.

The metropolitan league being characterized with a more developed football game. The league is faced by more dominant teams. With stif competition to get to the nationals local cup only the whistle shall tell.

The league carrying, albeit being faced with challenges relating with finances. Nyanza league like most of other leagues have proven there is talent . Through the leagues we can say there is more talent that some we are unable to tap into, majorly because we lack sponsors to steer through the clubs and the leagues.  Players driven purely by ‘the games spirit’, keeps the games lively. And we believe even as we get louder will attract more fans and sponsors in our games.



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