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TEXAS DEAF FC VS FLAMINGO DEAF FC, Great Rift Valley Regional cup

final, great rift valley regional tournament match.

Whilst great rift valley regional league  Texas Deaf FC and Flamingo Deaf FC must sweat it out in next September’s national tournament Cup playoff Texas DFC Isiolo’s side have serenely booked their tickets to the nationals for the tournament after a 2–0 win with Flamingos DFC ,at the Afraha stadium .

By clinching their place in the regional  Cup with this being their final qualifiers still to play, the team have not only avoided the tortuous qualifying campaigns of the last national Cup, but also completed a dream year.

 Titus Chepkalum Kipkales,flamingo DFC striker.,Whilst most of the attention inevitably fell on Titus Chepkalum Kipkales, striker who also played at the Africa Deaf Ball Game Qualifiers of his country after the heartbreak of losing in the previous life regional game, Flamingo’s unsung hero previous win was coach Domnic Ruto, who is faced with the task of securing their long know wins.

Flamingo DFC have being known for being the ‘owners’ of the regional cup. With Texas DFC giving them a hard time proving this as they hammered the giant at their own grounds. Flamingo will have to secure their long known position in the Isiolo grounds. Pressure looking to kick in and the Texas DFC saying they won’t be swallowed by the excitement on the previous win.

With both teams need to prove their position in the rift valley region, this as set the match one of its kind. With Texas DFC being a new team in the “hood” they stand to proof its not age but skills and practice that speaks. And Nakuru’s Flamingo DFC counter attacking with believes of it’s the experience that counts. Has set them match and football lovers speculative.

Who will win. And is this the time for the young starts to shine or the older folks will still hold and show how the games are played. Only the final reefer’s whistle knows. The two will play at the Isiolo Hospital playground on the 4TH September, 2022.



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