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The Executive committee members of Deaf Football Federation of Kenya – DFFK is delighted to announce Mr. Stephen Waweru, DFFK’s president, has being  appointed as DIFA executive board member.

Deaf International Football Association, DIFA was developed in association with ICSD after the growing popularity of the Deaf Football in the early 2000’s.Chater of the DIFA was registered on 14Th June 2010. Since then DIFA has tirelessly worked to improving the Deaf Football around the globe.

“We wish Waweru the best of luck as he focus on a dream he is so passionate on. We are looking forward to Mr Waweru and DIFA leadership team  to opening new phase in the Deaf football evolution.”

Mr. Waweru said: “it is a great honor to be appointed an executive board member of DIFA and I am hugely excited by the challenge ahead. I am well versed with the history of the Deaf football being one myself in my younger days. It is a passion in me to work with the very abled DIFA Executive team in a determination to developing the Deaf football to whole new grounds.”

“wholly it won’t be a new task as I currently run and manage DFFK and we have had our incredible years also fortunate to be elected Deputy Vice president of KSFD wich is also under ISCD. Even with this vast experience I still will take forth this task as my first burning with ambitions just as I did when I first to part in formation of DFAK currently DFFK.”

The President, Mr. Stephen Waweru also promises to steer more football development within Africa. He aims at ensuring vigorous competition across the Africa globe. With arrangement of Africa Championship on the way, work is set to be seen.

This win is a win for the entire Africa. I will strive to bring home development , as I serve in this newly awarded capacity. I hope there will be enough support from the government represented by the Cabinet Secretary for Sports as well as the private sectors in order to host rights the  5th world Deaf Football Championship, 2027. I believe this will be a great mark for Kenya and Africa together with its sportspeople . lets keep upping our play to encourage the stakeholders to grant us the greenlight.

Mr. Waweru concluded : “to whom much is given more is required. I am tasking myself with giving rise  to my vision; a vision where Deaf’s  talent is nurtured, one where our sportspeople get a living off football. I will reveal ideas and agendas that will contribute in the future to the development of Deaf football. This will have in it the Deaf youth both genders in an aim of producing a generation capable of competing in tournaments whether local or international.”

Mr. Stephen Waweru thanked  DFFK members and everyone for believing and standing with him during the nominations. Hoping that him and the colleague  will succeed in developing and advancing the game.

DIFA has 2023’s calendar marked and rolling. Even as we await the official dates to be announced the following is set to happen: 2nd Seminar on Deaf Football Development(during 4th World Deaf Football Championships) 4Th World Deaf Football Championship(Malaysia). 3Rd World Deaf Futsal Championships(Brazil) .Football Camp in the Kamachi Region,(U18_-23)


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