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National Women Football Team Roadmap to The 24th Summer Deaflympics, Brazil


Soccer is viewed by many as a major sporting event in the world. The game of football has resulted in skill development in many nations across the globe and has contributed to enriching individuals. Besides sports in general, football in particular has emerged as a single unifying factor, even in the moment of political, ethnic and socio-religious tension and feuds. Nations across the world have united behind this game. Football has bridged racial divides and brought people from different nations into a union of oneness.

Most Deaf youths are ready to defy some of the challenges prevailing in the world today such as unemployment and economic hardship, which has reduced them to the level of desperation. Most of them have given up hopes and have buried their talents and indulged in activities such as drug abuse, prostitution, turned into street urchins and banditry. It can therefore not be argued that idleness breeds crime and other numerous malpractices that can only lead to the destruction of individuals and their communities.

Football among the Deaf individual is generally the same as non-disabled persons (hearing), all rules governing the game, the systems applied and all aspects of training are the same EXCEPT officiating whereby the centre referee uses whistle accompanied by flag. 

In the Kenyan context, there are numerous challenges still predominant in most part of the country, the game is widely played in schools and institutions of higher learning for the Deaf but post school life it is often seen to be of major challenge as most talented players opt to look for jobs to ensure they meet day to day needs. 

Talented Deaf footballers find it completely difficult to continue marketing their talents because at times most of them lack proper academic qualifications, clubs to play for because most clubs are for the hearing. This makes the Deaf to try to adjust in those areas through prospects of marketing their talents and turning them to an employment but normally it hits a snag.  This project proposal is submitted for funding and sponsorship

Kenya’s bidding on the 1st Africa Deaflympics Ball Games Qualifiers received huge backing from the world deaf football governing body, Deaf International Football Association. (DIFA). Initially, the 24th Summer Deaflympics Games were to be held in Brazil from December 5 to 21, 2021, but postponed to 1st -15th, May 2022.  Back then, Football qualification matches were required to be played from March 22 to April 4, 2021 at Nairobi, Kenya but this was not possible due to the covid-19 pandemic, then the qualifiers were pushed to September 11th – 25th, 2021.

Kenya had been pooled alongside Ghana and Zanzibar though they never showed up hence automatic qualification to the 24th Summer games in Brazil, May 2022.

The Kenya Women’s Deaf football team has a real chance of making a name at the 24th Summer games in Brazil, May 2022. Sure, it sounds crazy, especially when you say that of a nation that has never participated in such ball games internationally. In stark contrast to the runaway success of its Athletics team which has won several international titles and dominates the sport

 And yet, isn’t it the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world who end up being the ones who succeed? That’s what Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said in his company’s famous 1997 ad. The slogan he presented was ‘Think Different’, and that’s exactly what the Deaf women’s football national team is doing now, after decades of megalomaniacal bungling.

So, here’s a thought, what if we stopped thinking of the small milestones Kenyan football has realized, stopped thinking of possible huddles DFAK might face and thought of the whole thing as a huge start-up instead? Brazil will host the 24th summer games in May 2022. What prospectus would this football start-up produce for the Athletes, Country, partners as well as investors who may desire to put in their resources in this program.

Most often, we always want to be the best straight away, without realizing that success is often a long, drawn-out process. This roadmap will outline the pathway to be followed for meaningful success in Brazil, 2022.

Kenya’s National Women Football Team Roadmap to The 24th Summer Deaflympics, Brazil .docx


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