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The success of the Regional League, a program launched by the DFFK aimed at NURTURING TALENT IN DEAF FOOTBALL, is to be marked by a National League Championship. The National League Championship is to be participated by all winning teams in each regional.

The success of the regional leagues has not only brought light to the Deaf sportsmen, but also the spotlight shown enough to attract attention to the Deaf football. A move that the  Deaf Football Federation of Kenya through its executives has being thriving to attain.

With Nyanza Regional League commencing in the just ended weekend, the National League Championship is set to jolt with no team being left on the sidelines. Though with humble beginnings the tournaments are set to end vibrantly.

Metropolitan, Great Rift valley, Coastal, Western and Nyanza  Regional Leagues have each confirmed a team to participate in the National League Championship. With each region eyeing to carry away with them the National League Championship cup. Heavy task is before the team’s technical bench in preparing there best, and the players in ensuring the make their funs hopes alive through the tournaments.

A match that has risen speculations with no team showing any weakness. Deaf rising football fans each holding to their teams in believe they will be crowned the first Deaf National League champions on 2nd December, 2022 at the University of Nairobi grounds.

Even as the Deaf Football Federation of Kenya sets to seeing the tournament a success,” we attribute our Regional league success to the sponsorships that came along from Sportpesa who shared with teams Sporting Jerseys. We also seek to signing partnerships and enrolling sponsors to ensure fruitfulness of the event. Also believing in our threshold to extend the partnership further in forthcoming matches in hopes of elevating Deaf sportspersons and ‘Nurturing Talent in Deaf Football ’.”weekends game highlights


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