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With the two teams crashing anyone that came against them and the metropolitan regional cup. It was a sure bet that them coming head on will be no short of a life time match. Indeed they delivered nothing short of best.

Blackstar Deaf FC’s captain Zablon

During the pre match interviews, Blackstar Deaf fc’s captain, Zablon said Currently, we are league leader and we play second placed Eastleigh Deaf FC at Gem’s International school on 1st October 2022. If we beat them then we will be crowned Deaf Metropolitan Regional League Champions and qualify for Deaf National Football tournament.”

When asked of what the metropolitan win will mean Captain Zablon replied gracefully ” if we achieve the win then I believe we will create awareness about Deaf sports. People will recognize our talent and this will also promote social acceptance of Deaf people in the community”

At the sound of the whistle, both teams looked set for the task ahead. Everything looked at stake, as this win will make them the first winner of the just launched metropolitan regional league.

All Eastleigh’s fans looking anxious remembering their teams captain interview, where Yahye said “ our team promises to immerge winner in  tomorrow’s game. We don’t care what we will do. Yes will not be all talks but our real action will be seen in the field. Actions that will lead to goals possibly. Thank you”

Eastleigh’s  Yahye looked to hold the key to their win. Having attracted attention in the Africa Deaflympics Ball Games qualifiers, it was yet another chance for him to get his name in the football globe.

Blackstar Deaf FC was also not short of stars, Zablon who represented Kenya in the Africa Deaflympics Ball Games qualifiers, sort to defend the game to its core. Blackstar’s Deaf fc fans scrabbing Yahye’s confident speech with the believe in Zablon presence in the match

easleigh deaf fc trick
Yahye of Eastleigh Deaf fc passing by Blackstar Deaf fc’s defenders

The spirit of the Blackstar Deaf fc, was torn at a goal by the Eastleigh Deaf fc . The reigning team in the metropolitan Regional League, looked like their craft was a mess, and the Eastleigh Deaf fc took full advantage of it. Not let an opportunity to score pass was the order for the Eastleigh Deaf fc’s game. And the opponents looking like they needed a miracle for the match.

The Eastleigh Deaf fc games was everything the Saturday that words can’t describe. With yet either teams getting sponsorship, this was not seen in the field. It was all the passion for football, the urge to win. And Eastleigh Deaf fc was at it all through the match. Giving them a win of 4-0

Eastleigh Deaf fc has its name as the Metropolitan Regional League champions. A title eyed by all the team in the league. Their consistency has surely gained them the crown and respect in the region. The team says they are yet get in the comfort as an even greater task awaits.

The team is expected to now prepare for the National League Cup, set to kick of at the end of the year. Even as the team take the task and enroll for a vigorous training, it seeks that any foundation and company to support  their endeavor. A task that the Deaf Football Federation of Kenya has agreed to for-see.

Even as Eastleigh Deaf fc eyes the bigger cup the team is expected to play against Sportiff Deaf fc . Blackstars Deaf fc are expected to protect their second position against both Sportiff Deaf fc and Scotland deaf fc.


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