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Let our deaf ladies play tournament is a tournament of local Deaf ladies 7 side football run by Deaf Football Federation of Kenya.

The tournaments were launch to the vision of the Deaf Football Federation of Kenya, to bring and grow  more sports ladies . it also aims to create more awareness for the Deaf sporting activities in the country. A challenge that it took forth after the Deaflympics held at Brazil in 2022.

The tournament saw 4 team geared to the jaws in readiness for a match at the Nakuru High School’s grounds.

G-lioness Deaf Women Fc, Flamingo Deaf Women Fc, Sportiff Deaf women Fc and Thunder Deaf women Fc were the teams that came forth the weekend at the launch of the tournament.

The teams were to play against each other to grab a position in the tournaments table.

With Flamingo Deaf women Fc against Sportiff Deaf Women Fc and Thunder Deaf Women Fc against G-lioness Deaf Women Fc being the curtain raisers of the tournament.

Flamingo Deaf Women Fc determined to shine in the tournament started at a high note. With exemplary play of ball the ladies smashed Sportiff Deaf Women Fc, 1- 0. A win that graduated the Flamingo’s to the next game.

Thunder Deaf Women Fc

Thunder Deaf Women Fc and G-lioness Deaf Women Fc going neck to neck, ending their match at a 0- 0

Sportiff Deaf Women Fc wishing to defend their name after a defeat, the thunders were not looking to make this any simpler for them with the two playing the second round, Thunder Deaf Women Fc score 2 goals against Sportif Deaf Women Fc ending the match at 2- 0.

With G-lioness Deaf Fc being faced with a harder task of beating the Flamingo Deaf Women Fc . the G-lioness’s were up to task winning their match soring a goal ending the game at 0- 1 in favor of the G-lioness deaf Women Fc.

A game characterized by strong will to win and determination to get back to the drawing board . G-lioness Deaf Women Fc drawing again when they played Sportiff Deaf Women Fc ending at 0 -0.

Flamingo Deaf Women fc,
Ann(Thunder wDFc), Emilly (Flamingo wDFC), DFFK president, Nasco (G_lioness), Dorothy(flamingo wDFC)

The Flamingo Deaf Women Fc smashing Thunder Deaf Women Fc ending their match at 0- 1 . a win that enabled the Flamingo Deaf Women Fc to win the tournament with 6 points. Coming second with a tie were Thunder Deaf Women Fc and G-lioness Women Fc at 4 points. The Sportiff Deaf Women fc losing in all matches and drawing in one closed the tournament table with one point.

The Deaf Football Federation of Kenya was thrilled with the games and is looking forward to partner with any body to ensure its vision grow to all heights. the Federation’s president who takes to heart this mission toured schools to encourage the Deaf ladies into football. Mr Stephen Waweru also seeks that organizations to partner with them to propel more ladies to sports and help them in their academics.the teams youngest players . under 18 lady playes.

the Deaf Football Federation of Kenya also celebrates its young female stars. Pauline and her fellow schoolteam players, who played for the flamingo Deaf Women fc catching the eyes of the coaches present(Mr Domnic and Mr Hassan) attention. “we seek to grow their talents hopefully by giving them more exposure. i am also looking forward to seeing them signed to either local or international teams.”


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