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In case you haven’t heard, the twenty-fourth edition of the Deaflympics, which includes women’s football  got underway beginning the 1st to 15th of May  with Brazil being the host

In what promises to be the best tournament to date, 5 national teams participating.

These nations, who have all qualified to be in Brazil, didn’t deliver anything short of what was promised.

Being the first international games that Kenya brought its ladies to represent , we had our eyes glued at learning FAST, how things run and how to ensure will live to participate in more of this games. Kenya’s Harambee Starlets were the only African team that represented the continent. We leveraged our gained experience and are working to improve the women football in Kenya hoping to let entire Africa at the same frequency. Also eyeing forthcoming international championships

More importantly though, the aim of everyone involved will be to inspire a new generation of young girls across the world to play the beautiful game.

We have started campaigns around the country, aimed at recruiting ladies into various clubs. A process that is very demanding, not to talk of man-power and finances needed to see this turn out fruitful. Though yet to find sponsors we have kick started our recruitment search with hope of sponsors boarding an ongoing bus. Also we are hoping for volunteers to offer their skillset and we fully capture all opportunities to benefit the female talents.

In the up coming let deaf ladies play round tournaments. We are happy to present the Winning team with a trophy and the 1st runners up. We are hoping this will create the competitive spirit among the teams and this in turns will translate in our goal being, more recruits and awareness

We are hoping that Deaf players around the country will be reached by this campaign and that they would join. We already have teams being build. With a majority being in schools. This comes to us as great news as they say if you want to build a tomorrow then build a great youth force. This though comes with a challenge of blending perfectly their academical life and the football. We also have teams around Nairobi and other regions and are looking to capitalize on them as the stepping stone to show and attract more skills.  Join us and lets cheer our women.



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