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The launch of ‘Let Deaf Ladies Play Tournament’ has seen more activities in the ladies football. last weekend  hosting a friend match which is supposed to be a build up for the league. KIDS Deaf Women FC and Sportiff Deaf Women FC meeting at the AIC Diguna grounds. The ground that just hosted Sportiff DFC and Black stars DFC match.

With some former national player, Aisha, Lucy, Josphen, Emma and Winnie making up the first team of the KIDS Deaf Women FC. This also stood as a test for the nations legends being their first match after participating in the Deaflympics. And with out a doubt the ladies did blaze the game up.

KIDS deaf Women FC hammered Sportiff Deaf Women FC 4 – 0. The KIDS  giving an exemplary game in the field placed its funs at the edge of their sits with their balanced foot works and ball handling.

They team says they will still work on their game in readiness for the ‘Let Deaf Ladies Play’ Tournament. they are eyeing to be the crowned winners for the tournament and so this win they’ll use to propel their game more.

The Federation is thrilled with the progress its seeing in the field. With more Deaf ladies coming in to play. “We believe a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step” and looking we have already kick-started ours. we are hoping that many teams will register and participate in the forthcoming 7-A -Side football tournaments. We also are looking for sponsors to come and partner with the DFFK in any capacity. We majorly are looking to also provide the ladies with sporting gears, and fund to see the logistics of the game goes well.

the Tournament looks to ensure that the Deaf ladies develop in all aspect through sports. We also are looking to partner with any women focused organization to offer training to the ladies to make sure they better their lives.


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