Deaf Football Federation of Kenya


Deaf Football History, Development and Future

Enhance our Impact on the Development of Kenyan Deaf Football.

DFFK’s mission is to promote professionalism, modernize, and be inclusive in all aspects of the beautiful game, working together for the sport’s benefit. The Federation is working to achieve greater sensitization of Deaf Football in Kenya through the implementation of our 2020-2025 Agenda.

We have also laid the groundwork for future growth with numerous examples of strengthened governance structures and the development of professionals and systems operating within them.

Vision 2020-2025

The Vision 2020-2025 is a pledge  to our member.

Deaf Football Strategy

We have set three broader objectives for how DFFK will work with all stakeholders to take real measures for empowering Deaf Football ladies and men, making football a sport for all, and advocating against discrimination.

Increase Participation

Increasing Deaf Football participation in football throughout Kenya, with the stated goal of having an academy in each county in Kenya.

Increase the Commercial Value

Creating new revenue streams and optimising existing partners around the Deaf Football game will allow development efforts to be expanded.

Lay the Groundwork

Creating a more sophisticated Deaf Football ecosystem and encouraging youth and female leadership roles at all levels will modernise game management.