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Qualified teams from regional league all hungry for the National Championship cup showed  at the University of Nairobi  grounds, Friday the 2ND ,December marking the end of the first Deaf Football League. The league was launched by the Deaf Football Federation of Kenya and kicked off with regional leagues.Five regional league cup winners all came to the University of Nairobi grounds in hopes to defending an open title of being the first National Championship League cup holder. Team supporters  burning with urge to seeing their team crowned the winners of the glamorous cup one that promised glory to their region.

With enormous emotions being felt all through the field, Metropolitan’s regional team, Eastleigh Deaf FC secured the competitive title and were crowned the 2022 National Championship Cup winners. With their rewards and trophy being handed to them by DESK Jacob Njeru, National League Cup sponsor.

Eastleigh Deaf FC captain Yahyeh receives trophy from Mr.Jacob Irere (DESK).

The day kicked of with five teams plays for the qualifications stages. A competitive and thrilling game being played by all the teams to ensuring only the best to deserve the title. Great Rift Valley Region,  Wester Region and the Metropolitan Region playing even more competitively, eyeing the shinny cup.

Nyanza and costal Regions not being able to keep up with the heated competition were send off early in the stage. With Bison Deaf FC of Nyanza region and Pirates Deaf FC securing 2 and 1 points respectively .

The day’s peak being when two old teams under the federation playing against

each other. Anxiety filled the stadium  when Flamingo Deaf FC and Eastleigh Deaf FC played.

With the two teams being known to producing a hand-full of players to the national team at Olympics competitions. Speculators running short of guesses, as the fate of the match only laid at the whistle by the referee.

After a match well played, Eastleigh Deaf FC secured their win by a 2 – 1 against Flamingo Deaf FC of the Great Rift Valley Region   The win brought home to the  Metropolitan Region a trophy.

1st Runners, Flamingo Deaf Fc, receiving their trophy from DFFK president, Mr. Stephen Waweru.

The National Championship Cup winners being Eastleigh Deaf FC, team are expected to keep sharpening their skills for the new season. With no transfers on the way, and the federation having announced new season will kickstart early next year.

The Federation’s president urged the teams to keep up leveling their game. He also brought to light the Federations plan of an East Africa  championship. The championship is set to kick off in the first quarter of the year. With location to be played still underway. This will open more opportunities for the federation’s team members.

The Deaf Football Federation of Kenya seeks to double the number of registered teams . Aiming at approximately 20 teams. This will see its officials scouting for more talent among the Deaf youth. The movement being induced by the success of the just concluded National Championship League.

“Even as we seek to increase in number, I urge sportsmen and women to get in touch with the Federation. Also I invite forth sponsors.

with the previous season being cubed with financial challenges, DFFK seeks to start the new season on better footing. Promising to ensure smooth collaboration between the federation and its team members with potential sponsors.

The Deaf Football Federation of Kenya partnership with Sportspesa and Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya ( DESK) for the DFL grassroots being underway, creates great opportunity for Deaf Youth. A move that the DFFK is so particular about. We also invite more parties to share in the vision and mission of Nurturing talent in Deaf Youth.


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