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With ongoing competitions on who is who in the world of football, narrowed to the ongoing league. The DFFK – Metropolitan Regional League as seen the best of what is called competition. With last weekend seeing Blackstar Deaf FC defending its stay at the top  other teams are also putting themselves in a better position to turn out the win of the league.

The weekend was faced with a thrilling game between Eastleigh Deaf FC and Scotland Deaf FC . with both teams promising to employ best tactics that will see them the winners. Upscaling their position in the regions table.

Scotland Deaf FC being faced with a task of at least seeing it won’t end the season in disguise having they had no point so far. Scotland though with numerous challenges have being trying to see a scheduled training session in readiness for their weeks big game. The game looks to hold the teams future in its palms.

Eastleigh Deaf FC also had more than just working over a rather weak determined team of the league. Eastleigh Deaf FC were determined to knock out their opponents and scale their goal difference in the league. This was so as with the BlackStar Deaf FC previous victory.

Eastleigh Deaf FC with great players who also were featured in the National team looked all set for the task. The Scotland Deaf FC tried their best during the match but it was not long before the Eastleigh Deaf FC began getting through their defenders and landing goals. The match ending at 8 – 0, in favor of the Eastleigh Deaf FC.

The win for Eastleigh Deaf FC has secured its position in the league. Ensuring its still due to face the leading team for the National League Cup.


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