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DFFK Roadmap to Brazil 2022

Stephen Waweru Mr. President

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility of our future. By borrowing these words of wisdom from George Bernard Shaw, DFAK aims to create the future we desire. This comes in the form of the DFFK Roadmap to Brazil 2022. It is a monumental opportunity for DFFK and its stakeholders to chart the best way forward.

Admittedly we have been guilty of building the house from the roof, causing years of neglect on developmental and management issues which led to a trust deficit among the key stakeholders.

Therefore, the thrust of this vision is fixing the fundamentals. Through this roadmap which features three strategic plans spanning a period of six months, including the philosophy which will offer a common model of play, we hope to win our detractors and doubters back. We need all partners to be on the same page, helping DFFK on this rebuilding process and making it a true National Sports agenda.

I am certain this roadmap will define a clear philosophy and realistic pathways for the development of Deaf football, with the ultimate aim of achieving and sustaining international success at senior level. We realize management is doing things right, and leadership is doing the right things. From our standpoint, kicking this off is the DFFK Roadmap to Brazil 2022.

Thank you.

Stephen Waweru

Deaf Football Federation of Kenya


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