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It is a great honor and privilege for me to have a chance to be here today. I’m an enthusiastic personality, I think. I get a little fired up about things. And I’ll tell you, there’s not much that gets me more fired up than the chance to start, and letting football lovers enjoy the thrilling Deaf Football League.

A month ago on 26th June 2022, at the Africa Nazare University grounds DEAF FOOTBALL LEAGUE was born. With BLACKSTARS DEAF DEAF FC and SPORTIFF DEAF FC setting the ball rolling. The chilly weather was not enough to stop the burning urge in the entire team to see this project a success, with the game ending at 0-0.

Deaf Football League, DFL has 4 categories of regional leagues which are: Nyanza, coastal, great rift valley and the Nairobi metropolitan regional league. We really wished to incorporate more regional leagues into the league , regions like Western, Central, North eastern and Eastern, but luck or leadership skills and resources have being proving to be a pain in the nerve.

I am more than pleased with the successful incorporation of the four regions into the league. With over a month of seeing this great thing grow I must say it was not just a road of roses. Almost all clubs luck sufficient resources to carry them through their training and friendly matches, with grounds having charges and more this has really made it hard. Currently all players are at it with non getting paid, and with the tough economy I get sleepless nights thinking of how my  vision of the talented Deaf football players will make a living off football. But I must say seeing them play is more fulfilling.

     What is DFL at the end of the day? What were we trying to do? We were trying to get the rich talents in the marginalized areas , out to the pubic. We are hoping to achieve expansion of the Deaf clubs in Kenya.

And so for the billions of football lovers, we want to give a chance for people to have a better and better experience and at the same time, enable a world of new opportunities even for our player. To enable our players have their daily bread form what they love most doing. We dream of having our players rated with the FIFA standards. With this league we see a tomorrow where the FKF clubs will choose our players.

Today is a very good day. But the center, I think, of the day, a month ago when the league was launched . And so what I’d like to do now is to invite up on any corporate investing in sporting, nutrition or even empowerment, not to cut out any well wisher, to support  DFAK in carrying this dream to a reality, in growing this league our baby.

We are seeking to partnerships that will also offer training to our clubs under different regional leagues and empower them with capacity building .

I believe tomorrow is build today, and its our task to make a tomorrow we desire to make a tomorrow better than what we had. With these leagues I see a brighter tomorrow for the Deaf athletes ,as sports is the language that is bounded by no culture .

fellow sports person, I am keeping my promise that i will not be long, so in my closing  I would like to make mention of a famous quote by Winston Churchill who said” we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” 





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