Deaf Football Federation of Kenya


Serving Kenyan Deaf Football to competitively perform on the world’s sporting events

Kenya Sports Federation of the Deaf (KSFD) is the umbrella body for all Deaf Sport Disciplines in Kenya.

Registered by the registrar of sports as per the sports act 2013, with the aim of nurturing sport talent among young deaf men and women. Kenya Sports Federation of the Deaf is affiliated to Kenya National Sports Council as well as confederation of Africa Deaf Sports (Governing body of Deaf Sports in Africa)and International Committee of sports for the Deaf (Governing body of Deaf Sports worldwide).

Paralympics committee is another sports body charged with the mandate of organizing and the umbrella body of Paralympics games in Kenya. Paralympics and Deaflympics are international sports just like Olympics for the hearing community.


The sound of football is loud enough to us!


To be eligible to participate in Kenya Deaf Football domestic and international sanctioned competitions, Deaf Players require to have at least 55dB on the better ear. We follow the International Committee of Sport for the Deaf (ICSD) Audiogram Regulations which every player is required to complete (first part) electronically.

Every player is required to arrange for an audiogram testing.

Deaf Football Federation of Kenya(DFFK) is registered  under the ministry  of sports, culture and Heritage through the  national sports  registrar which linked sports act 2013 which liaises with ICSD to receive ICSD Number (every athlete will be allocated one, and it is for life).

Please note: please send completed audiogram forms to us FIRST, so we can liaise with us directly.

For more information on the Audiogram Regulations and for itself, please visit