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With matches thrilling up as the Regional League season coming to an end, the weekend was not given any match short of best.  Blackstars Deaf fc and Scotland Deaf fc of Metropolitan Regional League and Sukari Deaf fc and Moon Deaf fc of Western Regional League going head on in hopes of defending their position.

The Deaf Football Federation of Kenya, was pleased to launch a new Region into its on going Regional Leagues. The Western Regional League, though new seem to come with bags of promises. With the Region seeing its fast match during the weekend.

Sukari Deaf fc, clearly understood the task at hand, and were devoted to seeing their name on top of their Regional’s table. They were not going to let any team stand in their way. With no team yet ever played for this region it was a rather open chance for all team. Sukari Deaf fc surely grabbed the opportunity scoring 8 goals to 2 of the Moon Deaf fc. A win that sees them leading the Region.

Sukari Deaf fc

The new team looking to have great potential, the federation seek to steer them forth, and seek the county government together with sport enthusiasts to collaborate in its vision.

Though the Metropolitan Regional League had its winner crowned the Region still breaths fire matters football. An exhilarating game witnessed between Blackstars Deaf fc and Scotland Deaf fc, as the two competed for the 2nd tag.

The game looked so tight in the beginning, a spot that exposed the Blackstars Deaf fc hunger for a win. The Blackstars Deaf fc crashing their opponent team 2 – 0. The win sees the team that initially took lead in the region as the number two of the region.

With all Regions ( Metropolitan, Great Rift, Coastal) having crowned a champion to head for the National League Championships.  Two(Nyanza and Western)  regional league are yet to name a win. The regional League is set to come to an end in readiness for the National League Championships which are set to kick off on 2nd December 2022. 

As the named teams prepare for the National League Championships, Moon Deaf fc and Sukari Deaf fc are set to play at Busia’s grounds. Kisumu All-stars Deaf Fc and Bananaland Deaf fc also tasked with protecting their titles for the Nyanza Regional League on the 22ND October. Also for the Nyanza Regional League, Thunder Deaf fc and Bison Deaf fc will play on 29TH October. The month ending with a match between  Scotland Deaf fc and Sportiff Deaf fc at the Machakos grounds.

The Deaf Football Federation of Kenya, looks to invite sponsors and supporters to steer the forthcoming National League Championships. With the theme of 2022 National League Championship being “ NURTURING TALENT IN DEAF FOOTBALL”


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