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Nyanza regional league today the 27th of August, offers a match of a life time with two of its best teams, Bison Deaf FC and Thunder Deaf FC , going head to head.

Thunder Deaf FC team, midfield Tyson Seko offers confident remarks when asked to speak of their match with Bison Deaf FC. Seko who had scored for his team three goals in the past two matches  says ” we are calm and brave equipped with victory motive against Bison on 27th August at their Siaya home.”

Tyson Seko, Thunders

Bison Deaf FC also did lack some words to ground their anticipated win.  With less words Saying they are not yet 100% sure but they are not far from it that they will win this game, and they are all prepared.

and lifting this cups will stand historic times as the first team to hold the Nyanza regional cup. Both teams showing they want to win the trophies. Having this are the first regional games cup. All teams are giving speculators a hard time coming with a winner before the reefer crowns one the victory.

Funs  for both teams also admit this is the game of the season. Both teams neck to neck at 6 points. A celebration is only due at the final whistle.


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