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The Nyanza regional cup keeps rising the bar with every game. With the top position getting more competitive, the home team fans are left praying for their team. And the players practicing for the win. with teams studying their rivals initial game to make surer they get a niche against them.

The weekends game has had some turn of twist. The weekend winner came in not by history but by the efforts’ they put in the long break seeing in the regional’s league. All the deaf football leagues had seen no matches played in the last weekend, as logistic of how the games will go one with the change in the weather.

Bison Deaf fc

New strength was seen generally in both games of the Nyanza Regional League games.

Bison Deaf fc, still burning to maintain their impressive score in the regions table, looked all set for the task of smashing Bananaland Deaf fc. Bananaland Deaf fc has also played well through the season. Evident in its previous matches where it crashed a strong team of the league, Kisumu All Stars Deaf fc, 4-3.

The task couldn’t be any harder for the two on whom would go forward in the league. The two.  Bison Deaf fc and Bananaland Deaf fc, looked set for either a +3 or nil. With both rising to the task, but Bison crashing the Bananaland Deaf fc ending the match at 2-0

Kisumu All stars Deaf fc, and Thunder Deaf fc, both having tasted defeat. The two were looking to work on their game to ensure they don’t loose a chance in the National League Cup. The short break that came in between the league couldn’t have come at a better time.

The two teams came in field with new energy, not to speak of the attacking and defending that was visible through the match, with some obvious fouls. The thrilling game ending at a draw of 1-1

With the Nyanza Regional league almost coming to an end, more pressure to suite the task ahead is laid on the players and the team coaches. Even as the team seek to get sponsors at least to steer forth their game, the can’t stay back. with the region gaining more attention,  they teams are training their best in hopes of being named the regional’s best. Also the teams that started badly in the league hoping to end at a better position in the table.



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