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The Nyanza Regional league, coming to a halt. All teams are trying to end at a better position. The competition is no less for the bottom teams of the league. Bananaland Deaf FC and Kisumu all stars Deaf FC playing on Saturday.

The two teams giving their best if not their all to ensure they will secure a number 3 in the league. The game was characterized with proper defending and grabbing of all the available opportunities to score goals. It would easy be thought of the match to being the first match between the two.

The fans were not spared the real joy of football. The anxiety of seeing their team score a goal. Crossing fingers in hopes they are not scored a goal. Hoping to counter score indeed it was a good match for the two teams to say their bye.

With the home promising to carry the points, the away team began with a strike from Michael Ogola, in the 18TH min. this goal getting bot teams on their toes. With the aways hopes of sealing their win, another goal landed in the Bananaland Deaf FC’S net by the skilled striker Michael Ogola.  Brian Obare of the Bananaland Deaf FC, bringing back hopes for his teammates and fans lands a goal just before the first half ended.

Both teams looking packed for the game, the second half started with a high rhythm. In the 50TH min Calvin Ouma Secured another goal for the Bananaland Deaf FC. Which came with an ill celebration for this talented striker that saw him given a yellow card.

Moments later the determined Kisumu all stars Deaf FC, in the 60 minute scored a goal through Vincent Omondi.  A goal that looked to have secured the win for the Aways. Calvin Ouma, who is now all wormed up and had his eyes on a win for the game scored two more goals at the 66TH and 76TH minute.

The teams playing their best but the whistle stopping their momentum and giving a winner for the match. With Calvin Ouma of the Bananaland Deaf FC being the man of the match. The match gives Bananaland Deaf FC 3 points landing them the third position in the leagues table.


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