Deaf Football Federation of Kenya

"The Sound of Deaf Football is Loud enough for us!"

Serving Kenyan Deaf Football to competitively perform on the world’s sporting events


News & Updates

Deaf Football Federation of Kenya (DFFK) is working on several initiatives to develop Deaf Football in Kenya and improve Deaf Federation’s governing structures.

Kenya’s Deaf Harambee Starlets, National Women Football Team Roadmap to the 24th Summer Deaflympics, Brazil.

This comes in the form of the DFFK Roadmap to Brazil 2022. It is a monumental opportunity for the Deaf Football Federation of Kenya and its stakeholders to chart the best way forward.

Vision 2020-2025

The Vision 2020-2025 is a pledge  to our member.

the federation

Deaf Football Federation of Kenya modernizes football to be global, accessible, and inclusive in all aspects.

About DFFK

Deaf Football Federation of Kenya (DFFK) is registered under the Sports Act 2013 to govern Deaf Football in Kenya. Our promises to serve and promote Deaf Football.


To be eligible to participate in our Domestic and International sanctioned competitions, deaf players require to have at least 55dB on better ear.


We have laid the groundwork for future growth to strengthen governance structures and the development within them.

Social Impact

We have an objectives for how Kenya Deaf Football will make football a sport for all, and advocating against discrimination.

Get Involved

DFFK will work with all stakeholders to take real measures for empowering Deaf Football in Kenya. So we ask you to join us and get involved.